Chemicals Lurking in Your Tap Water

Most people understand the importance of avoiding drinking tap water, but few realize the water we shower and bathe in can be just as harmful.

Unfiltered shower / tap water can contain an array of chemicals that have serious negative affects on your skin. Chemicals like chlorine, disinfection byproducts (DBPs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fluoride, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, chromium-6 and nitrate (linked to ovarian, kidney bladder and colon cancers) as shown in this study.

Woman Showering

The chlorine absorbed through showering can lead to
more chlorine absorption than when drinking chlorinated water alone. The heat of shower water can also cause chemicals to vaporize and be released into the air in higher concentrations than in the water itself. The EPA found detectable levels of THMS and other byproducts in the indoor bath and shower water air. The absorption of chlorine can lead to dry skin, eczema, irritation and hair loss. 

Chlorine and compounds in disinfected water may be able to reach the gut through drinking water AND through our regular bathing water. There is a strong connection between the health of our gut flora and conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, asthma and autoimmune diseases.

A shower and / or tap filter can reduce, if not eliminate, these harsh chemicals. We love the filters by JolieSkin Co, especially the new gold showerhead filter!

Jolie Gold Shower Filter

Some of the benefits include...

  • Glowing Skin ⁣
  • More Moisturized Skin ⁣
  • Less Redness & Irritation
  • Reduced Hair Loss ⁣
  • Less Frizz, Smoother Hair ⁣
  • A Healthier Scalp ⁣

Using the combination of a good shower filter and our clean skincare products is the best defense. Our products are packed with antioxidants that create a protective barrier from environmental stressors like UV radiation and free radicals. Try Anoint Body Oil & Anoint Face Oil after a shower to lock in hydration, improve aches and pains, even skin tone and provide a base layer of protection from harmful environmental factors. 

Woman with Clean Skin

A less obvious offender of indoor air pollution includes scented candles containing chemicals and paraffin, which are released into the air as they burn. Our
 Sacred Ace Soy Crystal Candles (which also act as a hand mask when the wax is melted), is a safe and healthy way to avoid dangerous chemicals in your home without losing the comforts and aromatherapy of candles.