About Sacred Ace CBD Skincare

Our Mission

Sacred Ace is dedicated to producing clean, sustainable CBD skincare solutions. We take a holistic approach, purposefully selecting the highest-quality full spectrum cannabidiol and all-natural ingredients. Never any chemicals, parabens, sulphates or phthalates, because we know the power is in the plant. We pride ourselves on having the highest regard for the environment and a focus on sustainability.

The Difference

We produce some of the finest CBD infused skincare products available. Our products are made by hand in small batches to ensure consistency. We use USDA Certified Organic, full spectrum CBD derived from the Charlotte’s Web strain which is pesticide-free and cleanly extracted using solventless extraction methods. Our extract retains the plant’s original terpenes and phytocannabinoids for high-potency formulas that really work. Our cannabidiol includes other amazing cannabinoids like CBG & CBN.

We also use some of the highest concentrations of cannabidiol in our products that you can find on the market, making them both powerful and effective. Each batch is blended with our commercial mixer ensuring consistent homogenization, and allowing the ingredient's benefits to be fully absorbed into the skin barrier.

Our product line was formulated by a veteran CBD skincare chemist and perfected by our team of estheticians, massage therapists, nail techs and salon owners over time. Each product was carefully crafted from a short list of powerful, clean, vegan ingredients and packaged with fully recyclable materials, mainly glass.


sacred ace CBD facial 

Sacred | sākred

That which is holy, devoted to ceremony or worthy of deep reverence and respect. Connected with and dedicated to a higher purpose.

The cannabis plant has been used for its medicinal properties for milennia. It was revered by indigenous cultures across the globe as a sacred plant often called the "Mother Plant."

The wondrous CBD compound, whose effects can be attained topically, has been shown to be safe and effective in studies, due to the anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, analgesic and calming properties among many others.

The emerging science behind CBD has legitimized the medicinal claims surrounding this plant and the body’s built-in endocannabinoid system. This system as a whole is responsible for our homeostasis - rebalancing, managing pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, mood, inflammation, injury and wellness. CBD has also been shown to help shield the body from oxidative stress, which can cause cell damage and disease. It is also proving to help heal a number of skin issues more quickly due to the high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins.

It is our goal to create a new sacred reality, one in which we let go of old patterns, producing new, long-lasting ways of thinking, feeling, healing and acting with respect to human existence and the symbiosis we share with the earth. We bring this ideology into our products and business model as a whole.

You can learn more about the science behind cannabinoids and the cannabis plant on our Canna FAQs page here.

Ace in the Tarot Deck
The Ace in Tarot

The Ace cards in the tarot are the root force, the spark or seed of the suit and signify pure potential, new beginnings, success backed by luck and knowledge of the heart (correlating with the color green). Each Ace represents the qualities of its suit in their purest form. Keywords for the Ace include:

Potential + Energy + Beginnings + Purity + Initiation

With loving intent, these are the seeds we sow into our products.    

Wholesaling & Consulting

We offer a wide variety of services to assist on your journey. We can custom formulate products for you, create larger backbar sizing for your place of business or even curate specific gift bags for events. Contact us for more information.

You can also fill out the linesheet below, save and send back to us at hi@sacredaceskincare.com

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