About Sacred Ace CBD Skincare

Our Mission

Sacred Ace is dedicated to producing clean, sustainable CBD skincare solutions. We take a holistic approach, purposefully selecting only the highest-quality full spectrum cannabidiol and all-natural ingredients. Never any chemicals, parabens, sulphates or phthalates, because we know the power is in the plants. We pride ourselves on having the highest regard for the environment and a focus on sustainability in our ingredients and packaging. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and our packaging is made from fully recyclable materials, mainly glass.



Sacred | sākred

That which is holy, devoted to ceremony or simply worthy of deep reverence and respect. Connected with and dedicated to a higher purpose.

There is an ancient notion of creating sacred reality, one in which we let go of old patterns producing new, long-lasting ways of thinking, feeling, healing and acting with respect to human existence and the symbiosis we share with the earth. We bring this ideology into our products and business model as a whole.


Ace in the Tarot Deck


The Ace in Tarot

The Ace cards in the tarot are the root force, the spark or seed of the suit and signify pure potential, new beginnings, success backed by luck and knowledge of the heart. Each Ace represents the qualities of its suit in their purest form. Keywords for the Ace include:

Potential + Energy + Beginnings + Purity + Initiation

With loving intent, these are the seeds we sow into our products.


Elevated Skincare

Sacred Ace is thoughtfully cultivated from start to finish with the highest regard for all-natural ingredients, the environment and sustainability. Our full spectrum CBD is USDA organic grown, pesticide-free, and cleanly extracted using solventless extraction methods. 

Atone for your Skin 

High potency meets high quality ~ we use some of the highest concentrations of CBD on the market, making them both powerful and effective. Each batch is blended with our commercial mixer ensuring consistent homogenization, and allowing the ingredient's benefits to be fully absorbed into the skin.

 sacred ace CBD facial

The Sacred Ace Facial

Sacred Ace CBD Skincare has been incorporated into the most lovely facial available at Reign Rituals in Denver. Contact us is you are interested in providing a Sacred Ace CBD facial at your business.


LUCA Lab - Available for rent to the public


Sacred Ace Skincare is produced in our proprietary kitchen, LUCA Lab. We also provide rentable commercial kitchen and lab space for the professional hemp community to produce CBD products. We are the first and only small scale lab space available to individuals and small start-ups in the US. We take a community approach to business encouraging others to produce in a clean, safe environment, and comply responsibly with state regulations to ensure the safest, highest-quality products.


The facility is designed for topical product manufacturing. No THC products or ingestible products are produced by LUCA Lab. We have made it a priority to work with cleanly extracted, full spectrum, non-psychoactive CBD - always under the federally mandated .3% THC mark. Our other botanical ingredients are vetted for excellence and each batch is tested to ensure it is consistent and pH balanced for sensitive skin. This also helps keep our production equipment clean and free of chemical residuals and microbials.


CBD Consulting

Are you starting your own CBD beauty brand?


We offer a wide variety of consulting services to assist on your journey. Contact us for more information and download the pdf below.


Meet the Makers

This trio was brought together by a mutual appreciation for the clean beauty movement, high-potency CBD and the use of sustainable packaging. We wanted safe, natural products that actually work, while being conscious of the impact we have on the environment and our skin.

LUCA Lab operates in the basement of Reign Rituals which is also the Sacred Ace flagship retail location. If you're familiar with the area it is the former Chocolate Spokes Bike Shop in Five Points, Denver.

Sacred Ace Skincare & LUCA Lab co-founders from left to right: Rachael Bowen, Jamie Turner & Meghann Kettler