Experience the ultimate care for sensitive and acneic skin

Crafted to be non-pore clogging, our product combines anti-aging benefits with essential fatty acids to nourish and protect. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, it restores moisture to the skin barrier while delivering a calming, antiinflammatory effect. Say goodbye to redness as our formula heals and soothes, improving tone and texture for a radiant complexion you'll love.

“I haven't met an SA product yet that I didn't love! The packaging alone makes it worth it, I love reusing the bottles and jars and I feel like a queen using these lovely oils!”

Mariah S

“Absolutely love Sacred Ace Skincare! From the ultra luxe packaging to the highly effective ingredients, I cannot get enough of these products.”

Julie G

“My skin feels so much smoother and softer after just 2 weeks - it’s remarkable. I am hooked! They smell so delicious too!”

Dana B

“This face oil formula is beautiful. It feels luxurious and smells incredible - light and pretty, not heavy or perfumed. I have very dry skin and this oil did the job perfectly.”

Joanna A

Elevate your skincare routine with Vegan CBD Solutions

Formulated with nature's best, these products
deliver radiant results you can trust.

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Zoom Anoint CBD Body & Massage Oil
Zoom Anoint CBD Body & Massage Oil
Zoom Anoint CBD Body & Massage Oil
Zoom Anoint CBD Body & Massage Oil
Zoom Anoint CBD Body & Massage Oil
Zoom Sacred Ace Skincare Anoint Full Spectrum CBD Body Oil

Anoint CBD Body & Massage Oil


1oz Glass Trial size - 200mg CBD
2oz Glass Travel size - 400mg CBD
4oz Glass Home size - 800mg CBD
8oz Glass Home size - 1600mg CBD
16oz Backbar PET Pump - 3200mg CBD

Product Highlights
• Highly anti-Inflammatory formula
• Restores moisture to the barrier
• Packed with vitamins + antioxidants
• Soothes sunbrun + razorburn
• Heals bruises more quickly+ reduces redness 
• Improves skin tone & texture
• Made for sensitive skin

This body oil provides lasting hydration, total relaxation and comes with so many skin benefits! Exceptional for massage therapists, this high-dose formula relieves joint and muscle pain within minutes.

Our oil isn't too thick or greasy, it absorbs quickly, works wonders on razor burn and sunburns. It even makes tattoos look brand new. You'll feel the calming effects of the CBD and you'll smell like a dream with our gender neutral scent of sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh(our signature scent).

We blend our oils with restorative emollients and skin soothing botanicals for maximum hydration that lasts all day. We use only vegan ingredients that are packed with protective antioxidants to shied your skin from environmental stressors and fatty acids that are great for the skin's tone and texture. CBD and some of the carrier oils contain a natural SPF of about 5-7.  

Try our new vegan Dry Brushes to massage, exfoliate and prime the skin for maximum absorption of ingredient benefits before you apply this Body Oil! 


Shake well before use. Apply a pump or dropper into the hand or directly onto the skin and work in with a light massage. Avoid rubbing the palms together before application as the product absorbs quickly. 

Lock the cap before shaking once open or hold your finger over the tip once opened. Best applied before clothing to protect from oil droplets. Shelf life is about 1 year.

1 gram ≈ 1 pump / dropper of product

*Our formula contains avocado, sunflower and coconut oil. Please be aware if you have an allergy to one of these oils. Test your skin first if you suspect sensitivity. 

*This product is full spectrum and contains less than 0.3% THC.

Vendor: Sacred Ace Skincare

Anoint Anti-Aging CBD Face Oil

“As an esthetician, I love this face line for my clients! I’ve noticed my skin is smoother, brighter and I have visibly reduced dark marks from past acne / blemishes. It’s light and does not make me break out. It works wonders!”

Rebecca W
Anoint CBD Body & Massage Oil

“Obsessed! This Body Oil has the best texture and feeling, I love how soft and smooth my legs and feet are after using it for only 2 weeks. The scent is incredible, highly recommend!”

Ashley C
Anoint CBD Nail + Cuticle Oil

“The face oil helped my sun spots and acne scars better than anything I’ve ever tried! Love the blue lotus oil scent too. Will be buying again!”

Anna M

Discover the difference of pure, natural skincare.

Unleash the potential of your skin with our high-potency, full spectrum CBD skincare
collection. Each product is carefully formulated with vegan ingredients and top-quality
organically grown cannabidiol, ensuring purity and efficacy.

Say goodbye to fillers, parabens, sulphates, and phthalates – our clean and conscious
approach lets the plant's natural power take center stage, revealing your skin's true radiance.

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Soothing Bliss

Immerse yourself in pure relaxation and deep hydration
with our luxurious Body & Massage Oil, enriched with
the fragrance of sandalwood and frankincense.

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Anoint CBD Nail + Cuticle Oil

Infused with hydrating oils, ensuring your manicure stays pristine.

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Anoint CBD Body & Massage Oil

Experience the rejuvenating power of our body oil, delivering long-lasting hydration and total relaxation.

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Anoint CBD Face Oil

A lightweight formula that locks in moisture, repairs skin, and improves tone and texture without clogging pores.

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Zoom Anoint Anti-Aging CBD Face Oil
Zoom Anoint Anti-Aging CBD Face Oil
Zoom Anoint Anti-Aging CBD Face Oil
Zoom Anoint Anti-Aging CBD Face Oil
Zoom Anoint Anti-Aging CBD Face Oil
Zoom Anoint Anti-Aging CBD Face Oil
Zoom Anoint Anti-Aging CBD Face Oil
Zoom Anoint Anti-Aging CBD Face Oil

Anoint Anti-Aging CBD Face Oil


5ml Glass Sample - 50mg CBD
.5oz Glass Travel Size -  200mg CBD
1.7oz Glass Home Size - 700mg CBD
4oz Backbar PET Pump - 1500mg CBD

Product Highlights

• Made for sensitive & acneic skin
• Lightweight & non-greasy
• Non-pore clogging
• Anti-aging formula + fatty acids
• Packed with vitamins + antioxidants
• Restores moisture to the barrier
• Controls Sebum Production
• Calming & anti-inflammatory
• Heals & reduces redness
• Improves Tone & Texture

Part of the Anoint Oils Collection, this lightweight, full spectrum CBD Face Oil formula locks moisture into the skin barrier, helps repair the skin and won't clog pores. CBD and the botanical ingredients have high concentrations of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids that help improve overall tone and texture of the skin. CBD even helps moderate sebum production so your skin produces less oil and reduces the pore size, which is why it's great for acne-prone skin. 

We use a blend of beautiful base oils and botanical emollients known for their gentle, yet effective skin nourishing properties.

New! Blue Lotus Oil
This oil from the ancient blue water lily is renowned for a number of therapeutic skin properties. It's antioxidant-rich which helps protect the skin from environmental stressors such as pollution and UV radiation. The extract is great for moisture retention, and is a powerful anti-Inflammatory and has been proven beneficial for conditions like acne, rosacea and eczema. It contains skin brightening compounds that improve overall complexion, reducing the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Some studies suggest that blue lotus extract may stimulate collagen production, leading to improved elasticity and firmness. The natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that provide gentle exfoliation, helping to remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover for a smoother and more radiant complexion. And you will love the subtle floral aroma of blue lotus, it's known for its calming and relaxing effects.

The blue lotus flower holds sacred significance across many civilizations. Revered in ancient Egyptian culture as a symbol of purity, spirituality, and rebirth, the blue waterlily was often depicted in art and used in religious ceremonies and was said to raise one's frequency. 🦋

Safflower Oil is one of our non-comedogenic base oils, meaning it won't clog pores. It also has a high oleic acid content which is great for skin elasticity, and is a lighter weight oil - making it perfect for the face. 

Borage Oil is another light-weight oil used to treat a number of skin issues like acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and rosacea. It restores moisture to the barrier and has a calming, redness-reducing quality. It's also high in GLA (gamma linolenic acids) - an omega-6 fatty acid which is great for slowing signs of aging. The body converts GLA to substances that reduce inflammation and promote cell growth. 

This oil is lightweight and non-greasy, once absorbed the finish is smooth, dry and ready for additional products or cosmetics.

Vegan • Nut Free • Gluten Free • Cruelty Free

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Shake very well before use to incorporate our plant-based ingredients. Apply desired directly onto the skin, massaging into the skin with a light massage in an upward motion, avoiding the eyes. Try not to rub the palms together first as the product will absorb into the hands. Allow a few minutes for the ingredients to fully absorb before applying makeup. Use both day and night for best results on the face and neck. The shelf life of our plant-based products is about 1 year.

1 gram ≈ 1 dropper

Key Ingredients

Safflower Oil
Borage Oil
Coconut Oil Esters 
Mango Butter 
Cannabidiol (CBD) 
Honeysuckle Extract
Cocoa Oil
Lavender Oil 
Blue Lotus Flower Oil
Jasmine Oil

    *This product is full spectrum and contains less than 0.3% THC. 

    Full List of Ingredients

    Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate (Natural Emulsifier)
    Behenoyl Stearic Acid (Natural Emollient & Emulsifier)
    Stearyl Behenate (Plant Based Skin Conditioner)
    Mango Butter Dimer Dilinoleyl / Dimer Dilinoleate Copolymer (Mango Butter Esters)
    Myristyl Lactate (Natural Skin Lubricant & Softener)
    Isononyl Isononanoate (Natural Skin Conditioning Emollient)
    Methylheptyl Isostearate (Beantree - Natural Emollient) 
    Lauryl Laurate (Natural Mix of Coconut & RSPO Palm Oils)
    Lonicera Caprifolium (Honeysuckle Extract)
    Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle Flower Extract)

    Vendor: Sacred Ace Skincare